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BappiDa Rocks!!!

“Shola hai…ya hai bijuria, dil ki bajariya, bambai nagariya”
Had heard this on and off on TV and liked it a bit…missed the opening scenes of the movie because of being late and hence missed the song. Then a couple of days later I got hold of the mp3 of this song from one of my friends, and I got totally hooked.
The song is great…and Bappi Lahiri (I am not sure of it’s Bappi or Bhappi) rocks…it’s been a long time since I heard him sing but still, he never was a great singer to me anyway. I always thought of him as an inspired musician who knew nothing better than to copy good english songs into somewhat good Hindi songs. He was not all copycat I agree but still with the amount of talent he had, I don’t think he needed to copy at all. He gave some pretty good songs but the fact is that earlier I didn’t listen to English songs that much and so I appreciated him as a good composer. Now what happens is that I listen to some song and I realise that Bappi Lahiri had copied it even before I wa…