Bangalore Rain

There is a reason why I am writing this post (besides that I want to), and that reason is that it is 8 PM and I am stuck in the office because of the unpredictable and unyielding Bangalore Rain. It does not spare anybody, it is the great leveler. Everyone is equal in it's eyes, it will wreck havoc for all and sundry.

Don't get me wrong here, I like rain. I can even say that I almost LOVE rain, I love getting wet in the rain with a hassle free mind. But this Bangalore Rain decides to come down on me only when its the last thing that I can afford :(

When it is the fag end of a tiring office day, I have some important doc or interesting book with me (which can get wet very easily), I am wearing leather shoes and one of my best shirts, and i have chosen to come to office on my bike instead of the office bus; that is the time when this rain will come down, not during the day, not during the night, but at that very particular instant.

I have been thinking maybe I can do great social service by visiting drought-prone areas in my office clothes, with my favourite book in hand. The rain-gods will smile like never before on that barren piece of land giving everyone the peace of mind they are hoping for. Me??? The rain ruins my day anyhow, someone might as well benefit from it.

Right now also the rain has slowed down a little, but I'll not be fooled. I know its just waiting for me to get out there, all vulnerable, so that it can unleash its fury on me...that is really sick of it...but what to do? The powerful always rule. I don't know when the meek will inherit the earth ;-)


  1. Santosh5:37 PM

    You talked of rains and missed Bombay?Boss, if you dont love the rains, try rains in bombay. The roads may be puddles, but the awesome spirit all around you and a chai and a vada pav and a smoke and friends. All you will ever need to feel alive.
    Nice to see you writing. Reminded me of my only ambition :)

  2. Hey don't get me wrong here,I love rain and I love getting wet in it.
    Its just that since the last few times rain has been catching me at the worst possible times.

    Speaking of Bombay, I was stuck in Bombay for 20 hours bcoz of rain but I don't resent that :)


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