BappiDa Rocks!!!

“Shola hai…ya hai bijuria, dil ki bajariya, bambai nagariya”

Had heard this on and off on TV and liked it a bit…missed the opening scenes of the movie because of being late and hence missed the song. Then a couple of days later I got hold of the mp3 of this song from one of my friends, and I got totally hooked.

The song is great…and Bappi Lahiri (I am not sure of it’s Bappi or Bhappi) rocks…it’s been a long time since I heard him sing but still, he never was a great singer to me anyway. I always thought of him as an inspired musician who knew nothing better than to copy good english songs into somewhat good Hindi songs. He was not all copycat I agree but still with the amount of talent he had, I don’t think he needed to copy at all. He gave some pretty good songs but the fact is that earlier I didn’t listen to English songs that much and so I appreciated him as a good composer. Now what happens is that I listen to some song and I realise that Bappi Lahiri had copied it even before I was born. And so even when I listen to some original creation of his, I tend to wonder!

But for this song, it was different. Bappida was just a singer and not a music director and so there was no less doubt towards this being an original creation. And has he has sung it well! His voice suits the song, and he has not stopped himself, he is on at full throttle. Listen to it, you’ll like it, and the other songs of the movie are also not bad so you should end up having a nice time.

On a different topic altogether, had anyone ever seen Bappida without his trademark goggles????? Well I have ;)


  1. nice to see you in your groove.keep rocking.and thats where your old sturdy laptop comes into the picture.hey how about throwing some light on the current govenrment and their policies
    1) Reservation
    2) Autonomy of IIM's
    3) Delaying of movie "Da Vinci Code"

    and also today i was reading about the dress code rule being enforced in bangalore university and a rule that says "girls and boys should not sit together".

    where are we heading?like the cover story of india today said "the big leap backward".am i correct in my opinion or am i missing something?

  2. heavy stuff :)

    remember that I have a daytime job also...but, as u said...i'll bring my sturdy laptop into picture and try to enlighten u on as many topics as possible ;)

    BTW...u can also have a look at

  3. Tero Twoko3:56 AM

    wake up! where art thou? bappi sucks man! big time!!
    ..."you are my chicken fry, m your fish fry"..."night lobbers" "diesco dencer" he is hilarious! and whats even funny is he sues and get millions... man he must have stolen(or "inspired" as dumb f@#$ anu malik puts it) hundred of tunes...

    man where are ya????

  4. I am aware of the credentials of Bappi Lahiri. But for the song in question he is just the singer, not the composer so I guess you can leave all this stuff and just listen to the song.


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