Say NO

Yesterday I was having a discussion with a colleague which later got blown into a full fledged argument. So much so that after a point we actually forgot what was it that we were actually discussing :)

But there is one part of that argument that did strike me...I was making a point that if we all do our own work with integrity and honesty then there would be no need for anybody to force any rules on us; and that the reason why most people don't do the right thing is because of lack of education. She objected saying that education does not always guarantee fair conduct; that there were plenty of examples of lack of fairness around us. I (off-course) goaded and she pointed to the loads of pirated songs stashed in my hard disk. I was really taken aback, I did not expect such a swift and brutal attack!

Long after we ended that discussion I kept thinking about what she'd said and I couldn't help feeling guilty. So I decided to say no to piracy in totality. No more unauthorized mp3 downloads, no more camera prints of movies, no more cheap copies of softwares (this is gonna hurt)...

I am not sure if this will make any difference to anybody else, but it sure will to me. Knowing that you are right does give you a big high :D


  1. Santosh6:44 PM

    Methought u didnt already. I be the lone ranger or wot?

  2. for the songs and movies I liked I did have the original ones...but I was not as vehement in not listening to the pirated ones for timepass songs...

    Well you are not the lone ranger anymore :)

  3. Anonymous8:48 AM

    Hmm...songs r nt tht expensive...Movies better seen original - otherwise they r no fun! and there is always freeware..n its pretty good. So I guess its the right thing to do! :)

  4. Anonymous6:12 PM

    How about starting with buying genuine OS - i am sure you are a Windows user!
    We 'll see then how much a software goody are ya !

  5. There has to be some cut-off date right ?? ;)-->

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