Look Right, Look Left...

Remember how we were always told not just to mug up the stuff presented to us, but to understand what it signifies.
While, we may try doing that with our studies, we sometimes try to make do with plain and simple mugging up in real life. I was guilty of that on one count as I found out today.
"Look right, then left, then go." That's how we always cross the road, ain't it??? The idea is to look for vehicles before embarking on ur road-crossing journey. When I came to Ottawa so many people had told me to remember that they drive on the right side of the road here and I used to give them a knowing shrug, thinking in my mind "Ya I know dude, I'm not eight anymore."
But today on my way to office, after I got down from the bus, I did exactly the same thing. Looked right, no vehicle, so I started. And then I heard the sounds of the brakes. A big SUV had stopped bcoz of me, and the person driving it was not amused. I pre-empted his tirades with a string of apologies mumbled incoherently and ran back. So much for the smart Mr Urmilesh ;)