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Did you get a chance to take a look at this???
I don't think you would have been able to avoid this except if you kept your eyes and ears closed at all times for the last few days. It's all over the place: TV channels, news papers...web.
This for me signifies the birth of a new and disturbing trend, that of over-hype and media frenzy ensuring a good earning for a movie even before it is released, content be damned.
The steps are simple:
  1. Get some big names to sign on the dotted line (enough to create a buzz about the movie).
  2. Get a good team to create the teasers/promos for the movie.
  3. Feed stories to the media at regular intervals. They don't have to be true, just need to keep the movie name in public mind.
  4. Get some news channel to cover everything about your movie (a news channel had a half hour capsule on the making of the song "Where's the party tonight?" from Kabhie Alvida Na Kehna" )
  5. Put half as much effort in making a good movie as you have made in steps 1-4.
  6. Release the movie on a long weekend and flood the theatres with prints (earlier the movies had 100-125 prints worldwide, now they have around 1000).
  7. Before the long weekend is over and people realize they have been taken for a ride, your coffers are already full.
For case studies, I considered the following movies:
  1. Krrish (around 900 prints, 70 crore in 2 days).
  2. KANK (agggghhhh) (1100 prints, 42 crore in 2 days...people did get wiser just in a day).
  3. Neal n Nikki (seriously....700 prints....13 crore....with a budget of less than 2 crore. Yes that can be managed if you do not need to pay the male lead).
  4. Veer Zaara (what was Yash Chopra thinking!!!???? 650 prints....35 crore)
  5. Fanaa (so now you know I am not biased...even my favourite Kajol could not make me say this was a movie that justified its earnings.....800 prints....52 crore)
I am not sure how long this will last but I sure want this to end. Because I am a big movie buff and I don't want this kind of cinema to be seen as representative of India. Not when Lage Raho Munnabhai is still playing in a theatre near you.
This is my source for the figures I quoted.


  1. shruti9:26 AM

    Hmm.. i beg to disagree a lil bit. The movies you quoted were all big production house movies. They can afford to, hence they take big stars, make big promos and release hundreds of prints (btw the increase in number of prints seems to indicate a better technology being used and more number of theaters than any thing else). Also i am sure none of the directords/producers of the above mentioned films seriously thougt of their movies to be crap - this is left for the audience to decide isn't it?

    There are still lots of small production house movies out there that give us hit movies and on the other hand big star movies that are flops..

    However by your research, this trend does seem to suggest the tendency to make movie an economically viable proposition and not treat it as artistic creation..

    But a movie and the its actors/director/producer at the end of it all are not measured by the amount of profit the movie made but the amount of impact they left on the audience mind. And by using this means of movie creation they cannot acheive that.. So all is still not lost movie-buff!! :)

  2. Stoned10:27 AM

    Saw this today.
    My take is simple, although I havent seen any of the movies you criticized.
    Krishh, I believe had Priyanka Chopra. Earnings justified.
    KANK told you of ways to justify adultery. Should earn more.
    Neal and Nikki had cleavage and gives vital clues to the Missing Link between Homo sapiens and Homo erectus. Its called Uday Chopra for now I guess.
    Veer Zara had a Pakisan angle. Should earn more.
    Fanaa had Amir Khan. The only guy who can act in Bombay. Justified.

    All the above info is based on my personal misjudgement of Indian Cinema. My favourite Hindi Movie still remains Sholay and I like Amol Palekar more than Shah Rukh Khan. Will someone shoot the dogs?


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