Sleep glorious sleep :)

It's a lazy Saturday morning, you wanna sleep till you get bored of it. But someone reminds you that you have to go to work today coz you already had an off day when the state was bandh because of some activists (2 weeks ago).I was in the process of pulling the blanket up to my eyes when Rahul took this pic.
On a different note, covering myself from head to toe in a blanket makes me feel a strange sort of immunity, only to be topped by a loving hug :)


  1. Anonymous9:23 AM

    that was kool

  2. he he...
    that is one of best photos of urs..
    and the blog written is also nice..
    I will thank rahul for waking u up on a SATURDAY!!
    Well on that day I slept till 10:30AM :D


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