Wet tyres...

When I was a kid we normally used to go for a trip to my native village 2-3 times every year. The mode of transport invariably used to our family car, me in the front seat cuddled in my father's lap, and others adjusted somewhere in the back (that's the great thing with amby, everyone fits in).
Since the jorney was a long one (not too much because of the distance, but because of the bad roads and traffic), we used to start very early in the morning, something like 3 or 4 am, so as to cover as much distance as possible before the traffic piled up. That meant that none of us kids were actually awake when we started and we woke up only when we'd covered a good distance.
That was not too much true for me, I used to wake up pretty early to a sound that I like very much. It is not some great or extra-ordinary sound but I don't know why it made me feel good. On an empty wet road, when a heavy vehicle passed the tyres make a strange zzzooom sound that I cannot describe in words. You would most definitely have heard it sometime. It can be made out only when there is little or no traffic, you can't make it out if there's the hustle-bustle of everyday traffic all around you.
As I was saying, I used to wake up early and listen to those trucks pass by for as long as I could manage (this was one of the main reason why I fought to sit in the front seat, there was too much of fight going on in the backseat :) ). Then, as time passed, our lifes started getting busier and our visits to my village started being more spread out, so much so that I have not been there since 2004. But even before that we'd stopped travelling the way we used to travel for a number of reasons and that'd made me almost forget about my fixation for the sound of truck tyres on the wet road.
Then after so many years I am living on a house that's bang on the main road, with heavy traffic throughout the day. Because of some calculations, I have to stay in the hall for a few weeks. Here again every morning i am woken up by the sound of wet tyres :)
My roomies think I am nuts, waking up so early everyday (and not getting ready for office..just passing time). I cannot explain to them verbally why I don't realize how much time has passed when I am looking at vehicles passing by.
Maybe I'll send them a link to this post ;)