Dad's office

I was watching an episode of The Wonder Years with my roommate today. It was the episode where Kevin's dad takes him to his office to show him what does he do. By the end of the episode Kevin is able to better understand why sometimes his dad comes home all gruffy and why he is so hard on them sometimes, also why he always tried to soothe himself by watching the stars using his telescope for hours.

The episode seemed to be related to me somewhere. I also used to accompany my father to his office sometimes as a kid and was at a total loss to understand what he did before those trips. Not that after that I knew it pretty well, but still I got to know some things.

Kevin was very impressed by the fact that his father is in a position to give orders to others, even though he did not get a word of what he was saying. I used to feel the same sense of pride when I realised that my father is a boss for so many ppl (it helped matters that I never got to meet his boss :) ) and also that he is responsible for taking decisions that may affect a large number of people.

Kevin also appreciated the fact that in-spite of everything, his father gave him the attention that he wanted when he was in office, and that made him feel very very good. As it did for me :) coz I guess my father used to make sure that he does not take me with him on one of his busy days, he used to take me when work was light and he had enough time to spare, so that I could be made to feel like a prince.

One thing they did not show in the episode was how people try to bribe the son to try and get a favour from the father. This used to happen a lot with me (us actually, my siblings were also a part of it) and I was never able to make out who was a genuine loving uncle and who just wanted a favour. The fact that my father was in a government office did not help matters :p . But my father never used to take it out on me if I had put him in an embarrassing spot, no harsh words...none at all!!! He just kept on trying to make me understand, make us understand why the things that he asks us not to do are wrong. And now I know, and it's thanks to him mainly (as I am sure is the case with most of you).

Also, Kevin's dad used to take out his bad work days on his family. Not my father, I never got to know if he had a bad day. He was still the same guy with us. This is something I have not been able to do yet, I carry my work mood home (though there is no wife and kids waiting) and if it is bad then that affects me. I don't know how he did it!!! Kevin was wondering why his father was like this when he had a bad day, coz he knew for sure that his father had it in him to be a fun guy (because of their vacations). And also why he had to be so hard on his family, the voiceover suggested that Kevin still hasn't figured that out.

Well neither have I.