The daily struggle...

Everyday, crores of ppl in the world pass through a number of struggles as a part of their daily life. That might be something simple and unimportant or something on which the survival of the person itself depends. I am still not sure in which catagory should I put my new daily struggle, so I'll let you decide.
The thing is that the house that I am currently putting up in does not have the facility of mixed water comin out from the shower, and there is no India style tap to facilitate making use of a bucket. So the water is either freezing cold or boiling hot, take ur pick. Well I didn't need to think much on that count; the sub-zero temperatures outside made the decision for me, boiling water it is.
The next point is that we have to shower while standing in the bathing tub with utmost care that the water does not spill too much on the bathroom floor coz that is very delicate (yeah my landlord has got a bathroom floor that can't stand too much water :p). So while the shower is on, u have no choice but to get showered upon.
It is ok initially, but later when the water starts getting really hot it presents a dilemma. What you want to do is to turn the nozzle to the other side so that the temperature will pass from hot to lukewarm. Before it moves to cold the nozzle can be turned back again.
The problem is: when the water has started getting really hot, how do you manage to move forward and turn the nozzle the other way. That water really is boiling hot, u feel like u r getting roasted. You say to yourself, "darn this stupid floor"...but you are helpless (one look at the floor and you will realize why) you cannot move out of the tub all dripping wet. The only thing left to do is bite the bullet, i.e. roast yourself. And curse the person whose decision it was to have these pre-historic nozzles in a modern house.

Any ways out??? (Don't say skip the bath).
BTW...this post is not meant to boast that I bath daily (yeah that is something to boast of for some ppl I know ;) )


  1. anonymous12:08 AM


  2. gave people an idea about the identity of the person mentioned in the last line :p

  3. Vijay9:13 PM

    i m nt one of them! i firmly belive in preseving water [;)]


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