Dhoom 2 : Movie review

It is the middle of nowhere (said to be a desert in Namibia) and our hero has just swiped the precious crown of the precious queen of...wait they did not tell that!!! He had left a few questions unanswered. Like:
  • How the hell did he manage to put on the disguise while on top of the train?
  • How did he come out of the train compartment containing the crown (he did not come out from the door and if he had some other way of coming and going then he would not have needed a disguise in the first place)?
  • How do you stop loads of bullets fired by supposedly elite guards using a, hold your breath, skateboard?
  • The guy who finally managed to shoot him did so using a bow and arrow...I don't even know what I should ask here!!!
At the end of this literally unbelievable and amazing robebry, the credit rolls start for Dhoom 2. Me and my friends brace ourselves. It was with great expectations and high hopes that we had come to see this movie, this was one of those for which we were waiting for long. So we hoped against hope.
All our hopes were shattered over the next 3 hours as we were treated to stupid sequences, mindless chases and an exposure competition between Ash and Bips. Seems like the director just forgot to pick the script on his way to shooting and so just filmed whatever he thought was necessary. One dance from Hrithik showing his well toned body and crazy moves, check. One song from Aishwarya giving her solo footage, check. Highly unrealistic entries for all the lead cast, check. Bike chase (whether needed or not), check. A helicopter chase just to be sure, check. Enough exposure from the two leading ladies, check. Hint of a love triangle to try and keep the viewers guessing, check. Some fight scenes, check. Ensure most of this is shot abroad, check. Ok!! We have our movie ladies and gentlemen.
There are so many things wrong with this movie that I don't even know where to start. The plot is silly and you feel that the director assumes that you are silly too (which I feel like since I have already contributed to the movie's earnings). There is not even an attempt to create a story...it is just a compilation of sequences which have all taken a lot of money to film but which are not needed. Even as I write this, I know that the film will be a huge hit, I guess the director also knew that while making the movie....so he relaxed on the efforts front. Get this, an ACP and a sub-inspector from India are running the show in a museum in another country and there is not even a single police officer of the host country...even for name's sake. And how does the thief escape from this great seize?? He walks among the kids, on his knees, and nobody notices him...gosh!!!!
It is just like I mentioned here , the idea for some people is not to make good movie that makes money, it is to make money using the loads they have already. And I am one of the suckers that helps them do it. I almost feel like going back to my pro-piracy days :p coz this movie to me symbolises all that is wrong with our cinema today. And if it takes piracy to kill such cinema, then so be it.


  1. I am in same boat with you.

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