DON : Movie review

Ok I know this is really really late but I had this post lying somewhere on my comp and I thought why not post it!!! So here it is.
Saw the SRK DON this Friday(this was the Friday that the movie was released)...saw a daytime show on a Friday after a long time :)
The movie was decent, general timepass. SRK critics will agree that after a long time he tried to do something different from his KJ type movies, and did it well also.
I for one do not think that comparisons with the original are justified, there's too much time difference and too many facts that won't let it be an objective comparison, so I for one, am letting it be. I saw a movie, period. And at least the makers in this case had the courtesy to take the permission from the man who made the original (which is more than I can say for so many of our talented directors).
The movie was pretty predictable in the first half, and had a few twists in the second half. The twists I felt were necessisated by the fact that everyone knew the story of the original already, if he had not seen it. In fact, the first half of the movie seemed to me to be taking this for granted that the viewer has already seen the 70s version, which served it well I guess.
The movie was sleek, the first half dragged a bit but was ok...the second half was pacy and taut. The portions in which SRK was Vijay (not DON, or Vijay playing DON), were gud but too short. They provided some of the genuinely funny moments in the movie. But SRK really came into his own in the portions where he was DON. There was no hamming, no stupid grunts. DON was a person who thought of himself to be above all others, so there actually was no one better that SRK (currently)to play this part. He is one who conveys power, and you just have to see the starting of the song "Main Hoon Don" to realise how SRK does that, awesome body language. You feel like this is a man who can actually rule a mafia kingdom, this is a man whom people will be scared of even if they hate him with all they have.
Aside from him too, everybody has put in a decent effort. Priyanka Chopra is looking good, Om Puri seems to have been wasted, Arjun Rampal did not need to do much, Isha just had to look good, Kareena had very big shoes to fill and she made a very decent attempt. About Bomman Irani, I am not sure if he was the right choice for this role...he just doesn't fit in. Nothing wrong with his acting, it's just that he is not suited for the role, he has spoiled the climax.
Songs are good, and the movie is main criteria while watching a movie is that for the time that I am in the hall I should not be able to think of anything else, the movie should involve me enough...and this one did. So I would say that one should watch it, and I am sure that everybody and his uncle has already.