The lessons

Ok, another post inspired from The Wonder Years :)

In the episode Our Miss White, Kevin finds himself attracted to his teacher Miss White. He is sure it is love from both sides, in his words "It is something which exists but is too far-fetched to survive in the real world", and  the only reason both of them hold back is because of the society. He is heart-broken when he finds that she has a boyfriend, but is not able to be sad for a long time because at the same moment he realizes that he has made his dad very very proud, and that takes his mind off everything else for a while.

There were traces of the movie Mera Naam Joker in this episode, I don't think this is a case of the director being inspired. They were similar because that is the way the story of most of the young kids go (except for the making Dad proud part). You fall in love with your teacher, you think that she also feels the same way, your feelings grow stronger and stronger until one day the truth dawns on you. And then, it's the pits.

I have never had a crush on any of my teachers, or any women who was considerably older than me so I am not sure what is it that could actually convince a kid that there is some truth to what he feels, the incredibility of the situation not withstanding. But I was just trying to imagine how hard it is actually for the kid to take it when he knows the truth. Kevin actually did a lot of things that he would never have done otherwise, it was only because of Miss White that he was a part of the school play and only because of her that he took an interest in the affairs of his country (which is a good thing I nation is poorer if it loses indifferent citizens). It was ironic that what saved him from total heart-break was the fact that he had made his dad proud since all the things that made his dad feel proud were done because of Miss White only.

That is hugely reflected in real life I suppose. The main lessons and the best moments are more often than not drawn from events that you have not planned. You plan to attend college, decide on courses and a host of other things. But the main things that you remember after the course ends are the chunks of hostel life that leave an indelible mark on you. I have had experiences that have made me feel very bad, that have left a very bad taste in my mouth. But looking objectively, they have always put me in a better situation than before...much wiser and much more ready to face life. And I have been lucky to never be in a black-hole situation yet.

Yet is the operative word ;) .


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