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BappiDa Rocks!!!

“Shola hai…ya hai bijuria, dil ki bajariya, bambai nagariya”
Had heard this on and off on TV and liked it a bit…missed the opening scenes of the movie because of being late and hence missed the song. Then a couple of days later I got hold of the mp3 of this song from one of my friends, and I got totally hooked.
The song is great…and Bappi Lahiri (I am not sure of it’s Bappi or Bhappi) rocks…it’s been a long time since I heard him sing but still, he never was a great singer to me anyway. I always thought of him as an inspired musician who knew nothing better than to copy good english songs into somewhat good Hindi songs. He was not all copycat I agree but still with the amount of talent he had, I don’t think he needed to copy at all. He gave some pretty good songs but the fact is that earlier I didn’t listen to English songs that much and so I appreciated him as a good composer. Now what happens is that I listen to some song and I realise that Bappi Lahiri had copied it even before I wa…

Bangalore Rain

There is a reason why I am writing this post (besides that I want to), and that reason is that it is 8 PM and I am stuck in the office because of the unpredictable and unyielding Bangalore Rain. It does not spare anybody, it is the great leveler. Everyone is equal in it's eyes, it will wreck havoc for all and sundry.
Don't get me wrong here, I like rain. I can even say that I almost LOVE rain, I love getting wet in the rain with a hassle free mind. But this Bangalore Rain decides to come down on me only when its the last thing that I can afford :(

When it is the fag end of a tiring office day, I have some important doc or interesting book with me (which can get wet very easily), I am wearing leather shoes and one of my best shirts, and i have chosen to come to office on my bike instead of the office bus; that is the time when this rain will come down, not during the day, not during the night, but at that very particular instant.

I have been thinking maybe I can do great social se…

The Last Leaf

Last night was my first experience of watching a play (as part of the Live audience). It was a musical adaptation of “The Last Leaf” by O’ Henry, a story I’d liked immensely when I’d read it as a kid, and a story which I had forgotten a bit. But thanks to a friend who reminded me of the story, I was all ready to go.
In short, there were a lot of expectations from my side as I sat down to watch that play…Jaidev’s adaptation of “The Last Leaf” by O’ Henry.
So, did the play manage to meet my expectations, all of them, or any of them? A solid NO except for the fact that now I can happily say that I have cutoff one of the “Things To Do Before I’m 30” from my list.
Agreed that the play was a “MUSICAL”, but did that really mean that you have to have a song every 2 mins? Songs should help the flow, not hinder it…we felt like we were stuck in the land where time stands still, with no way to go out (thanks to the brilliant seats we'd chosen ). There were just too may songs, and with the audio…