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Taxi Driver : The Movie

I saw the movie Taxi Driver yesterday, and again today morning. Since there has been a long time since the movie was released, I am sure there must have been hundreds of reviews so there is no point in having a review again. I'd just like to say my views about some things in the movie.
A funny thing before I start. Know what Robert Di Niro and Shammi Kapoor have in common. For both of them, I watched movies in which they are older first. This made it very difficult for me to picture them young, even when I was watching this movie. Di Niro is very young here (he plays a 26 year old guy) and still he seemed very mature to me. Not that he planned it that way, just that when I see that face, I see an old experienced man, not a young directionless taxi driver.
Also, I finally realised from where Mahesh Bhatt got the story idea for Sadak ;)
The movie is very slow, dull and dark. And the director makes no excuses for that, it is meant to be this way. It is meant to showcase bad times in a …