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Now that's some useful shouting...

Want an understanding partner for sex?? They don't come any better than this.

Taare Zameen Par : Movie Review

After a long time, I saw the first day first show of a movie (courtesy Project Team Outing) and in the end I was pretty happy that this movie was chosen. Not just because it was a good movie; but also because, for a change, everyone in our project team liked the movie (which is very hard to happen as I have seen in the past).

It's a nice, simple movie about a kid who faces some trouble in keeping up with the regimentation and competition that has become a part of everyday lives of children (and adults as well) now. In the movie the kid is dyslexic, but it may well happen very easily with kids who are not facing this problem but just not that inclined towards subjects which parents traditionally find suitable for a good career.

The movie mostly belongs to the kid Ishaan Awasthi (played very well by Darsheel); and the first half is completely his own. He carries the movie pretty well and I am pretty curious to see if he will be nominated in the Best Actor category in the 101 award fun…

Kiss me baby :P

Costa Rica_rana arbórea calzonuda o red eyed frog, originally uploaded by maytevidri. Want him to be a prince?? You know what to do :)

Wah Taj

Symbol of LOve (TAJ MAHAL), originally uploaded by !! (J.A.K) !!. not a common angle...which makes up for the quality of the pic.

Wish you were here...

So, so you think you can tell...Heaven from Hell,
blue skies from pain.
Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail?
A smile from a veil?
Do you think you can tell?

And did they get you to trade your heroes for ghosts?
Hot ashes for trees?
Hot air for a cool breeze?
Cold comfort for change?
And did you exchange a walk on part in the war for a lead role in a cage?

How I wish, how I wish you were here.
We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year,
Running over the same old ground.
What have you found?
The same old fears.
Wish you were here.

Post Script: I don't think anybody would be confused about who the source is.

Inside view

I Speak Unto You The Word Of Tyler, originally uploaded by Tylerbomb. Just after you have been eaten, and just before you have been swallowed, here's how the view would be like.

Johny Gaddar

Saw this movie the week it was released. Have been meaning to write a review since then but not getting the time (and the words).

So, before it is taken off the screens, just wanted to say that this is one movie which I recommend.
Go watch...


, originally uploaded by DaveSinclair.

Two in one

Two in one, originally uploaded by Hel Des.

Mohabbatein anyone?? :)

Ours, For the Taking, originally uploaded by __Jon.

What are you staring at mister??

Y bueno, originally uploaded by Daniel Gracia. Lately I have been doing a lot of Flickr browsing and I never realize how much time has passed since I started looking at the pics.

It is one of the most interesting past-times and one of my wishes is to be able to click pics which will make people take notice (in appreciation hopefully).

I will be sharing some more pics that I liked in the next few minutes.

What we fear...

is not that the ones we love will not love us back the way we want them to. At the bottom of our heart, the real and deepest fear that we have is that we may not love them the same way anymore someday; that would be a big insult to the love we have for our loved ones now.

Thought put into my head by: Shantaram (the book).

One more :)

My Sun Conure - MANGO, originally uploaded by *Bingo*. One more sleeping beauty :D

Photo courtesy - Random browsing at Flickr. Click on the pic to go to its page on Flickr.

the photographer


On the rocks

We went to Nandi Hills last weekend...was not very happy with the way people have been dirtying that place. Still the weather was as always excellent :)

GOD kaun hai...maloom hai na??

Need I say more??? :)

Last winter

I have no idea when I took this pic, I just found it in my pics folder today.
Nice one, if I do say so myself.

The bike :)

Rahul got his dream bike today (finally....yippeee). I got the honour of taking a pic first up.
Will be taking some more tomorrow morning :)

One more than the devil :)

Noticed this just in time, else I would have driven past this milestone :D

Rain Rain don't go away

Bangalore has been traditionally famous for very heavy rains. But this year, my own Lucknow was not too far behind. It rained cats and dogs there this year.
Here is a scene of cows trying to save themselves from a heavy downpour, as seen from the balcony of my home.

The masjid

The first time I noticed this Masjid (even though I'd seen it a number of times) was when I read that the team of Gadar was not allowed to shoot in front of this Masjid. They had to do with La Martinere college instead.
It does make a very nice backdrop.


Over the years, whenever someone has asked me about places to see in Lucknow; the name of Imambara has invariably come to my rescue.
Big surprise then that I'd not been to the place for a very long time indeed. So I decided to have a go, and dragged most of my family along.

It was fun :)

The tracks

There is something about railway tracks, the never ending nature, the unknown curves, the possibilities of various many things that cannot be explained, only felt.
The next time you are taking a train journey, do try and look out the window (I know your head won't fit).

Rajni also rocks :)

It has been a long standing desire to watch one of RajniKanth's movies in a cinema hall, and that too in South India. I have not been able to fulfill this since his movies are not released with subtitles in India :(

But with Sivaji, I have decided that I will watch it even if I there are no subtitles and I am not able to get any friend of mine to come and translate for me. Decided this after watching this trailor :)

K K rocks

I got a chance to attend a KK concert again courtesy Bhatia. The last time I'd seen him sing live was when he'd come to my company for some celebration and I was impressed with the way he interacted with the crowd. Not that I was not impressed with his singing, but that was there even before this live thing happened.

The concert was great as expected, and two thumbs up to KK for making this a memorable evening. His song selection is awesome even when he chooses which songs to sing while doing playback. And that makes his range great when he is doing live shows. All his songs are great (generally) and they make for really great listening when you want a fun-filled evening. And the way he moves from one song to the next, making the crowd sing along with him, making the crowd applaud not just him but his band also, making the crowd move at supposedly serious numbers, getting into banter with the crowd...and so many more small small things. All this made him a darling of the crowds…

The great Indian belly

More often than not I have seen people unduly worried about their expanding (or perfectly normal) waistline. My roomie in Ottawa (and soon to be roomie in Bangalore) was one of those who couldn't care less.
Here is one classic shot...35 inches of pure flab :)

Coming back

No matter where you are in the world, there is always some place where you know you can go back. And if you are real lucky; that is the place where you want to go back. And if you are like me, then that place is home.

Last year marked an unusually long period away from home from me, and most of it was not planned. I was considered something of a leave specialist in my team, but as things turned out I could not get enough leaves for myself over the last year. But that did one good thing for me, it made me realize how much I miss being home.
I don't think I am still at the stage where I always want to stay home, I am too much of banjara for that. But I want home to be the place I go back to every time I am returning from a new journey. And it is not long before that familiar place will start changing. as we grow up and become more engrossed in our own individual lives; so I want to make as many journeys as possible before that.

Whoever coined the term Home Sweet Home was bang on targ…

Straight from the horse's mouth



Lately I have realized that I like taking pictures.
I always liked being a part of them but never actually got to clicking them; and may never have had a friend not asked me for a favour.
He asked me to get a camera for him when I come back to India, and I thought I might as well try my hands on it while it is with me. And that has been the reason of so many of my trips being all the more memorable :)
I am a very bad photographer as of now...and I click plenty of pics before I get that one good shot.
But that one good shot is worth it :)

So long...

They were the stuff dreams are made of, they used to bring smile on a lot of faces, they used to make people forget their daily worries and be happy in a common joy. Now, they are about to be history.

Amid all the anger and frustration and sadness at India's dismal performance in the 2007 edition of the ICC World Cup, something that I did not see many people mentioning was that this would, in all probability, be the last world cup in which the BIG THREE of our team play together. I am talking about the trio of Sachin, Rahul and Sourav; the three who had been pillars of our team for a long time now. Also the three who probably stand to lose the most from this debacle.

I am deeply disappointed at my team's performance, I do not have enough words to express how I feel. So my post on the dream that was may be delayed (or may never come). But this is something I would like to mention now rather than later. I am not sure how others feel but these three have given me some memorable mom…

The stylish smoker


The Kiss

Saw this Wall painting on my recent trip to Quebec city...there was something about this which I liked a lot. Not sure what.

Eklavya - The Royal Guard : Movie Review

Spoiler Warning - please be warned :)
The one question that is sure to come to every viewer's mind after he has seen Eklavya is "Why Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Why???". And it is only for answering this question that one can contemplate watching Eklavya (if at all one contemplates watching it which is not something advisable as far as this writer is concerned).
The movie has some good points, so like a true positive minded person, I will present those first.
The camera work is very good, bordering on great at some places.All the actors have done a decent job.Thankfully the royal background has not been taken as an excuse to push unwanted and unnecessary songs down your throat.The makeup and costumes are also good.The total running time is just about 2 hours, that is a BIG relief.
Besides these carefully dug out good points, there is nothing worth watching in the movie. I read in an interview of the director that it took him some 5 years to write the story of the movie. It seems tha…

You talking to me???



The Canadian Parliament.

The law maker's abode

Went to visit the Canadian Parliament in Ottawa this weekend. After the tour I realized that I know more about the Canadian Parliament than I do about the Indian one. I have made a mental note to try and visit the Indian parliament the next time I am in Delhi.

Quote on a bathroom door

I saw this quote on a bathroom door today...
Come in with a rush.
Go out with a flush.


everyone's life has it's own set of necessary idiots. I am lucky that the necessary ones for me are not necessarily idiots :)

2 hanson ka joda...

hope yeh na bichhade :)
Addendum...I came across this pic after I'd posted the earlier one, seemed to me this also belonged here.


Went to the Winterlude this weekend, saw some great ice sculptures and froze like anything.
Tried my hands (or should it be feet) at ice-skating...had fun :)
There are many more images...will be uploading the good ones from time to time.

And the nominees are...

The nominations for the Filmfare awards are out. As always, no surprises...they are just an example of ass-kissing at it's best. Full care has been taken to ensure that they don't rub the wrong people the wrong way.
Sample this:
Dhoom 2 is considered to be one of the best movies of the year. Here's why I think that is not true. In fact, I think it is an insult of movies like RDB and Lage Raho Munnabhai to be nominated alongside such a movie. But (yes the legendary but)...the movie had AB's baby (and would be bahu) in it, it has the current heart-throb Hrithik Roshan in it, and most importantly - it is a Yash Raj production. Can you afford not to nominate it??? I'd say definitely not ;)
All these (and then some more) reasons are valid for the timelessly intolerable Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna which again has been nominated for best film.
To add to the insult of Rakeysh Mehra and RajKumar Hirani, both Sanjay Gadhvi and Karan Johar have been nominated for best director also.

Water Water everywhere...

I have always been afraid of water...the deeper it is the more scared I am. But lately, I have realised that I need to overcome my fears and face and get done with things that are unpleasant (a post on that will follow on my blog).
So, for's pic of a water body I visited in the not too distant past.

Angoor : movie review

Saw the movie Angoor last weekend. If you are a Hindi movie buff (don't need to be too crazy...just fairly interested in them); then this is one movie you do not want to miss. A true gem, timeless and classic.
Based on Shakespeare's'The Comedy of Errors', the movie is about two pairs of twins who get seperated shortly after birth. Seperated means, each group has one master-servant pair. Confused!!??? Well this is just the start :)
The story in brief:
A couple has twins who are so much alike that even the mother is not able to make out who is who. To add to it, the father (a cameo by Utpal Dutt) has named both of them Ashok. The logic is "Naming them with different names will not make it any easier for anyone to differentiate between them." On a trip, which involves a journey by ship also, he comes across another set of twins who have been abandoned by on the stairs of a temple. He graciously takes them in his fold (egged on by his tanga driver) and starts on his…


"Hope. It is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength and your greatest weakness."
The Architect - The Matrix Reloaded.

Guru : Movie Review

Even though it's only been 2 weeks since Guru released, it already seems too late to post a review; what with all the discussions and the media overkill already on. But still...
First things first, I have been a Mithunda fan since childhood and I cannot have an objective view about him, I am too biased in his favour to have that. So I will not mention anything about his acting (which I think was great :) he totally justified his top billing in the credits).
The movie faced huge expectations before release and had a huge task ahead of it if it wanted to meet even half of those expectations. I, for one, do not think it does justice to those expectations. Is it because the expectations were too much or is it because the movie lacked something depends on one's perception.
The movie has a lot of things going for it. Generally good performances (in fact I cannot think of a single bad or below average performance), great camera work, great dresses, some really good scenes, lots of hype…

The secret ingredient

The atta was perfect after a long time. The reason!!! I added an extra ingredient.

Rock Star :)

Photo courtesy Rahul

It's all white

the new year brought with it my first brush with real snow...and I also had to drive 500 Km in was fun, in a differnet sort of way.