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So long...

They were the stuff dreams are made of, they used to bring smile on a lot of faces, they used to make people forget their daily worries and be happy in a common joy. Now, they are about to be history.

Amid all the anger and frustration and sadness at India's dismal performance in the 2007 edition of the ICC World Cup, something that I did not see many people mentioning was that this would, in all probability, be the last world cup in which the BIG THREE of our team play together. I am talking about the trio of Sachin, Rahul and Sourav; the three who had been pillars of our team for a long time now. Also the three who probably stand to lose the most from this debacle.

I am deeply disappointed at my team's performance, I do not have enough words to express how I feel. So my post on the dream that was may be delayed (or may never come). But this is something I would like to mention now rather than later. I am not sure how others feel but these three have given me some memorable mom…

The stylish smoker


The Kiss

Saw this Wall painting on my recent trip to Quebec city...there was something about this which I liked a lot. Not sure what.

Eklavya - The Royal Guard : Movie Review

Spoiler Warning - please be warned :)
The one question that is sure to come to every viewer's mind after he has seen Eklavya is "Why Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Why???". And it is only for answering this question that one can contemplate watching Eklavya (if at all one contemplates watching it which is not something advisable as far as this writer is concerned).
The movie has some good points, so like a true positive minded person, I will present those first.
The camera work is very good, bordering on great at some places.All the actors have done a decent job.Thankfully the royal background has not been taken as an excuse to push unwanted and unnecessary songs down your throat.The makeup and costumes are also good.The total running time is just about 2 hours, that is a BIG relief.
Besides these carefully dug out good points, there is nothing worth watching in the movie. I read in an interview of the director that it took him some 5 years to write the story of the movie. It seems tha…