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Coming back

No matter where you are in the world, there is always some place where you know you can go back. And if you are real lucky; that is the place where you want to go back. And if you are like me, then that place is home.

Last year marked an unusually long period away from home from me, and most of it was not planned. I was considered something of a leave specialist in my team, but as things turned out I could not get enough leaves for myself over the last year. But that did one good thing for me, it made me realize how much I miss being home.
I don't think I am still at the stage where I always want to stay home, I am too much of banjara for that. But I want home to be the place I go back to every time I am returning from a new journey. And it is not long before that familiar place will start changing. as we grow up and become more engrossed in our own individual lives; so I want to make as many journeys as possible before that.

Whoever coined the term Home Sweet Home was bang on targ…

Straight from the horse's mouth



Lately I have realized that I like taking pictures.
I always liked being a part of them but never actually got to clicking them; and may never have had a friend not asked me for a favour.
He asked me to get a camera for him when I come back to India, and I thought I might as well try my hands on it while it is with me. And that has been the reason of so many of my trips being all the more memorable :)
I am a very bad photographer as of now...and I click plenty of pics before I get that one good shot.
But that one good shot is worth it :)