K K rocks

I got a chance to attend a KK concert again courtesy Bhatia. The last time I'd seen him sing live was when he'd come to my company for some celebration and I was impressed with the way he interacted with the crowd. Not that I was not impressed with his singing, but that was there even before this live thing happened.

The concert was great as expected, and two thumbs up to KK for making this a memorable evening. His song selection is awesome even when he chooses which songs to sing while doing playback. And that makes his range great when he is doing live shows. All his songs are great (generally) and they make for really great listening when you want a fun-filled evening. And the way he moves from one song to the next, making the crowd sing along with him, making the crowd applaud not just him but his band also, making the crowd move at supposedly serious numbers, getting into banter with the crowd...and so many more small small things. All this made him a darling of the crowds.

I am not sure how much of this he will be able to use when (and if also :)) he gets to perform in front of very large crowds. But from what I have seen, he has made a very good start.