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, originally uploaded by DaveSinclair.

Two in one

Two in one, originally uploaded by Hel Des.

Mohabbatein anyone?? :)

Ours, For the Taking, originally uploaded by __Jon.

What are you staring at mister??

Y bueno, originally uploaded by Daniel Gracia. Lately I have been doing a lot of Flickr browsing and I never realize how much time has passed since I started looking at the pics.

It is one of the most interesting past-times and one of my wishes is to be able to click pics which will make people take notice (in appreciation hopefully).

I will be sharing some more pics that I liked in the next few minutes.

What we fear...

is not that the ones we love will not love us back the way we want them to. At the bottom of our heart, the real and deepest fear that we have is that we may not love them the same way anymore someday; that would be a big insult to the love we have for our loved ones now.

Thought put into my head by: Shantaram (the book).