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Now that's some useful shouting...

Want an understanding partner for sex?? They don't come any better than this.

Taare Zameen Par : Movie Review

After a long time, I saw the first day first show of a movie (courtesy Project Team Outing) and in the end I was pretty happy that this movie was chosen. Not just because it was a good movie; but also because, for a change, everyone in our project team liked the movie (which is very hard to happen as I have seen in the past).

It's a nice, simple movie about a kid who faces some trouble in keeping up with the regimentation and competition that has become a part of everyday lives of children (and adults as well) now. In the movie the kid is dyslexic, but it may well happen very easily with kids who are not facing this problem but just not that inclined towards subjects which parents traditionally find suitable for a good career.

The movie mostly belongs to the kid Ishaan Awasthi (played very well by Darsheel); and the first half is completely his own. He carries the movie pretty well and I am pretty curious to see if he will be nominated in the Best Actor category in the 101 award fun…

Kiss me baby :P

Costa Rica_rana arbórea calzonuda o red eyed frog, originally uploaded by maytevidri. Want him to be a prince?? You know what to do :)

Wah Taj

Symbol of LOve (TAJ MAHAL), originally uploaded by !! (J.A.K) !!. not a common angle...which makes up for the quality of the pic.