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The real pleasure...

No matter how much (or how little) I pay for the airline ticket when I am traveling; the real kick (or paisa vasool if you want to call it that) for me is the small Imli Ke Daane that the air-hostess brings when we start :)

Note: happens only on Air-Sahara (now JetLite which I have given up for good) and Indian Airlines.
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It has happened, you can now go 'invisible' on google talk; you liars :P

Fill your life with joy

Fill your life with joy, originally uploaded by LalliSig. I have a thing for air shots...since I do not know when. I have been trying to click a few of my own but none of them is good enough to post here. This is a good one :)

Goan sunset

I am not sure which beach it was; most probably Calingute. The time I spent there was remarkable.

Someone's cat

My Cat, originally uploaded by lilu_trump. Priceless :)

tattoo kiya re ;)

Went to Goa for a break...came back rejuvenated :D