Love Songs - Yesterday Today and Tomorrow: Movie Review

All those who know me know that I am a movie buff, that I am ready for a movie at any time of the day, at any point in my personal/professional/social life, with (almost) anyone.

So when I think that there is some movie which even I can’t watch then that more often than not means that the movie is a total disaster.

Well yesterday I found out that there is one more rung which is lower that the ‘total disaster’ category; it will henceforth belong to the movies which made me fall asleep midway. Adjacently placed will be movies from which I walked out. The movie ‘Love Songs – Yesterday Today and Tomorrow’ has the distinction of belonging to both these categories.

There is nothing further I need to add to this review I feel J


  1. Don't watch 3:10 to Yuma... unless you want to end the day already.

    It's really gonna make you sleep.

    "friendly advise"


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