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Single's Day

I have been informed that today is single's day. Apparently it falls on 11/11 every year and gives a chance to singles to celebrate their singlehood.

I am surprised how come the greeting card manufacturers have not yet utilized this idea. So far I have only heard of single (possibly desperate) guys drowning their happy single faces in loads of booze; not that they need a special day for it anyways.

Anyways, why this little piece of information was given to me was because, apparently, this is my last single's day as a single. So any ideas on how to celebrate it are welcome :)

A different kind of airshot

, originally uploaded by more fernandez. I'd love to be the photographer for this ;-)

Time Warp

Invariably since the time I have moved out of Lucknow (actually before that also), one of the best and most relaxing times have been with my school friends. It is with them that I stay in a time warp, and I kind of like it there. These are 2 pics from my most recent trip to Lucknow...where, surprisingly, 10 of us were able to meet up (we have a gang of 17)...and it was fun (not so much for the poor Barista staff).