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UP :)

"Up" to Ballard, originally uploaded by beatnikside. A nice little reminder to hold on to things that are important to you. Read more about it here.


I wish a very happy Deepawali to all readers of this blog. And I leave you with one of my favourite Deepawali pics (all time favourites actually) with two of my best buddies. The underlying message is, enjoy your crackers but also care about your (and others') eardrums.

Have a good one.

showcasing iPhone 4

my Own iPhone 4 {Explore}, originally uploaded by G d o . Apple generally does a good job of putting nice pics of their products. But this one is pretty nice too :)

Something to think about...

I am the last person you would call religious but I just had to share this.

I was working, listening to songs to drown out the voices/noises of the conference call Nazis around me, without paying too much attention to the song actually playing. And then these lines caught my attention.

Very apt, especially considering all the commotion surrounding the temple/mosque at Ayodhya debate. I am not putting the lyrics here or embedding the video because I feel you'd do well to listen to it.

The answer is here...

Waiting, originally uploaded by Inside_man. but she is looking somewhere else :(

A train station is where the train stops...

Over the years the amount of time that I spend at a railway station has considerably lessened, I went to a station maybe twice this year. But I just love the hustle-bustle of a railway station in an Indian city and generally do not mind waiting too much (which is a good thing because of the schedule-adherence record of Indian railways :D).
This pic is of one of those rare times when I saw the Bangalore railway station a bit silent.

How to face your problems?

Head on I say ;-)

the head belongs to this guy.


I have been terrible at visiting places worth a visit if they have been convenient for me to visit. Twisted? I know. But I have been trying to rectify that and visiting Sarnath was one step in that direction when I last went to Varanasi. Though it was hot and humid I enjoyed it.

The Parliament Building, Ottawa

One of the better buildings I have seen from the inside. This view is from the tower across the road.

snow no bother

Bapu's statue in Quebec city, Canada.

Understand the signal

As seen in one of the corridors in an office building I worked in. Chanced upon it today.


Poor guys!!!
The owner stepped inside to get some coffee, and they were looking totally lost.

Be gone evil spirits

scene from a snack shop near Ooty lake. I don't think these were for sale :-)

Studio 60 once more

Six episodes into the first (and only) season and I am hooked. I am actually not watching more than one episode a day because I want to prolong the season one as much as possible.

It is one of the smartest shows I have seen (and I have seen a few) and isn't too difficult to follow either.
Why was this show cancelled?


He (or She?? I really don't know) said Hello when we stopped by on our way to Ooty. Attempts to feed him bread by some of us were unsuccessful, but we did get some nice clicks.

Studio 60

Ever since I have been enthralled by The West Wing (West Winging as Amitabh Bachchan calls it), I have been a great fan of Aaron Sorkin's writing.

So it was with much anticipation that I started watching "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip". 2 episodes into the series, and I have not been able to figure out why it did not get an extension beyond one year. Within the 2 episodes it has shown itself to be funny, smart, witty, not thinking audience to be dodos, giving enough of a glimpse into behind the scenes atmosphere of a TV show (applies to US only I guess) to elicit interest without being overbearing, and being played out by good actors.

I do hope that while watching the remainder of its one and only season I do not end up agreeing with the decision to cancel it.

God and his disciples

The poster we took for the IPL match (Mumabi vs Bangalore) :-)

A tale of three centuries...

The first time I saw GOD (he was still called Sachin Tendulkar then) bat in a stadium, it was an India-SriLanka test match in Lucknow. He did not disappoint me, he scored a fluent 142, India won the match, and I got my money's worth.

The next time I got to see him bat live, it was in Kanpur, in a one day match between India and Australia. Once again he stepped forward and treated me to a brisk century (100 off 89 balls with 7 sixes), India won the match and I was on top of the world.

The only format in which I have not seen him bat live yet is the Twenty-Twenty format. This aberration will be taken care of tomorrow when I get to watch his team (it literally is the Indian team of the nineties, they win only when he does well) Mumbai Indians in their league match against Bangalore (in IPL). So keeping the past tradition in mind, a century is in order and a win looks inevitable.

Can't wait :)

IPHONE and iphone

how's that? :-)

Windmills (of Gods?)

Some pics from our trip to Munnar back in 2008. This was the first time in my life I'd seen a windmill and I think I lucked out seeing so many of them. I was spellbound till the time our bus crossed that stretch.

So where do you want to go today?

I have been a big fan of Nokia phones for a long time now. Even in the face of the numerous problems they make me face (too slow, crashing too much, unresponsive at times...), I have stuck to them as a loyal fan. During my recent trip to California Redwoods, the navigation system on my N96 just wowed me, trying to do its best to make up for the other issues.
Best part was when the navigator told my wife to observe speed limit :-) totally worth it.

May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss...

Okay, so I have been tagged by good friend Kadambari (yep that's her full name) to do something that I wanted to do but could not find the time to do, thanks to her for that (seriously).

So there is a book that Great Bong is writing (has written already actually, it's due out in March 2010) which I am definitely going to read. The details of the book are here, go have a look.

What you need to do once you are tagged is outlined here. To sum up, I need to share my ten most favourite lines from Hindi (or English) movies, and then let Great Bong know so that he can have a look - pretty simple. Oh yes, at the end you also have to tag five friends to do the same.

So here goes... (disclaimer - in most of the ones that I liked, you have to see/hear the dialogue to understand why I like it. Reading it will definitely not have the same impact).

"Aaya hoon, Kucch to le ke jaoonga. Khandani chhor hoon, Mogambo ka bhateeja." - Andaz Apna Apna
"Phone rakh, rakh phone...Teri Maa Ki…

In the company of giants

We (me and wife) made a trip to the Redwood forests in North California a week ago. The majesty of the trees has to be seen to be believed. Luckily, we got a chance to click this 'middle of the road' pic...let me add that it was pretty cold and I was shivering as hell.

The Gate

It was great to drive (actually I sat on the seat next to the driver :D) on the Golden Gate bridge. Saw a lot of people cycling on it and later learned that it's a very popular activity, will do that for sure sometime.


A blast from the past (Diwali 2006 to be exact).