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A train station is where the train stops...

Over the years the amount of time that I spend at a railway station has considerably lessened, I went to a station maybe twice this year. But I just love the hustle-bustle of a railway station in an Indian city and generally do not mind waiting too much (which is a good thing because of the schedule-adherence record of Indian railways :D).
This pic is of one of those rare times when I saw the Bangalore railway station a bit silent.

How to face your problems?

Head on I say ;-)

the head belongs to this guy.


I have been terrible at visiting places worth a visit if they have been convenient for me to visit. Twisted? I know. But I have been trying to rectify that and visiting Sarnath was one step in that direction when I last went to Varanasi. Though it was hot and humid I enjoyed it.

The Parliament Building, Ottawa

One of the better buildings I have seen from the inside. This view is from the tower across the road.