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Of reading Hindi

I read a Hindi book last week. It was after a long time that I'd picked up a Hindi book to read and I was not sure that I will go on to finish it, so completing it was a pleasant surprise for me. 
I've always considered my Hindi to be good, and though I never actively kept up with any Hindi literature, I was pretty sure that any reading material would not be beyond me. I was slightly taken aback to notice that it took some effort on my part to finish a relatively small sized book. I was not able to pin-point the meaning of many words (thank you internet, though I did have to look around hard in a few cases), I was not sure what exactly some phrases meant to convey (though I got the gist in most cases), and I was totally out of touch with most figures of speech. Thankfully, I kept at it and kept getting better at making sense of what the author was trying to say, until finally I was able to finish the book.
This made me realize that I cannot take my knowledge of Hindi for granted…