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Seven Eight Nine - The Thirty Week Project

These three weeks included nine days of a very hectic India trip during which not much reading happened. I was able to get through two books over this period partly because I was determined to and partly because the books that I chose for these weeks were so damn funny.
I am talking about the first two books in the planned Dork trilogy by Sidin Vadukut.

You can find out more about the books here. The author's blog, and his twitter feed can also serve as a constant source of funnies alternating with insights (sometimes both clubbed into one).
The books follow the adventures of Robert Einstein Verghese through his life immediately after he completes his MBA (book 1) and then when he's on an assignment in London (book 2). All through this, he remains one of the most unlikeable fellows you can find, and keeping us interested in knowing more about someone like him is a great achievement on the author's part. The books are in the form of a diary, complete with dates and times, and s…


juuuuummmp, a photo by ☼ Helder on Flickr. The folks over at flickr are taking submissions for your best shot of 2011. Even if you don't want to submit anything I would recommend spending some time with the submissions, here.
The pic here is just one of many interesting ones.

Five Six - The 30 week project

Just because I wasn't able to post here doesn't mean I wasn't true to my self-assigned project :-)
For week five I picked up the much recommended Google Hacks by Rael Dornfest. It ended up being my book for week six too since getting through the book involved some do-it-yourself stuff on the laptop as well.

Before getting this book from my library I wasn't aware of it being closer to a reference book. Nevertheless, I had fun reading this one and would say it's a good one to keep next to your computer (if you're one of those who still has a desktop at home) so that you can try the self-contained hacks when you have time. Also, hack here means a neat or clever trick as opposed to a dirty trick, and it's meant to act as a tool to help you get the most out of Google (or to get you out of those situations when even google can't rescue you). There is also some space devoted to tricks that would help you amuse/fool your friends, but I think that would work mostl…