Seven Eight Nine - The Thirty Week Project

These three weeks included nine days of a very hectic India trip during which not much reading happened. I was able to get through two books over this period partly because I was determined to and partly because the books that I chose for these weeks were so damn funny.

I am talking about the first two books in the planned Dork trilogy by Sidin Vadukut.

You can find out more about the books here. The author's blog, and his twitter feed can also serve as a constant source of funnies alternating with insights (sometimes both clubbed into one).

The books follow the adventures of Robert Einstein Verghese through his life immediately after he completes his MBA (book 1) and then when he's on an assignment in London (book 2). All through this, he remains one of the most unlikeable fellows you can find, and keeping us interested in knowing more about someone like him is a great achievement on the author's part.
The books are in the form of a diary, complete with dates and times, and so the adventures of Einstein are conveyed to us in first person and through the prism of his own perception. It's real funny to see Einstein explain a complete disaster to his diary while downplaying his role in it (off-course his actual role is pretty obvious to the reader). Most of the times, if not always, the reader has a better understanding of the situation than Einstein. Einstein thinks he is god's gift to the management profession and should be treated as such, and his anger/frustration at being apparently short-changed is hilarious. I won't discuss the specific incidents from the book here, it's best to discover them when reading this book.

I think that the books are very close to the sweet spot length-wise. Reading a diary for too long can be monotonous, and there aren't too many conversations to break the flow of Einstein narrating his day to the diary. I for one would've wanted a change in the structure were it to go for 15-20 more pages than it actually did. The price-point helps too :-)
Also, the ending seems slightly abrupt, I would've preferred a slightly more panned out climax. Still, it doesn't take too much away from the overall good/fun reading experience.

Word of advice - if you're prone to sudden bouts of laughter then I would recommend not reading these in a public place, you might just end up drawing a lot of attention to yourself in true Einstein style.