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Sunset time

Sunset time, a photo by urmilesh on Flickr. Trees on my walk back home...

Indian man, Howrah bridge, Kolkata - INDIA -

Indian man, Howrah bridge, Kolkata - INDIA -, a photo by C.Stramba-Badiali on Flickr. Pictures of faces are the most interesting to me, they convey so much.

Family guy gives you hope...

I have pretty much been hooked to Family Guy over the past few weeks (thanks Netflix). The show is a humorous take on things but it is definitely not all about humour. However, because of the way the show is structured, it is very easy for someone to miss those times when they try to be (and most often succeed in being) profound.

Here's is one such instance, from the episode New Kidney in Town, Meg's definition of hope. Hope is a what gets out of bed in the morning
When it's the day of prom and u haven’t been asked.Hope pushed the caterpillar through the Cocoon and what drives the salmon up stream Your breasts maybe small and ur glasses maybe thick But hope doesn’t hold up a mirrorHope is a Horizon we head for leaving nothing behind us but fear, And though we may never reach our goals its hope that is going to save us from who we once were
Good stuff.


School, a photo by urmilesh on Flickr. my school building

Heading to Udaipur

Heading to Udaipur, a photo by B.Bubble on Flickr. I love train pics :-)

Lost In My Mind

Lost In My Mind, a photo by Bindaas High on Flickr. let's hope he didn't put it on "spin".

Lambretta Li150

Lambretta Li150, a photo by Єļ Şєήσŗ ďє ļσş Arįţσş_ ۞ on Flickr. Came back for random exploring on Flickr after a long time, was treated to this blast from the past :-)

So long...

...and thanks for all the films.

What's running on my Mac.

I have been a full time Mac user at work since 2008. And since my employers haven't been too Orwellian about what I do with the Macbook outside work (besides the obvious no-nos such as porn and torrents), it has pretty much been my personal machine as well. To add to that I have a Windows laptop at home that I use on and off, and a range of phones that I carry (I can't seem to be happy having just one).
So, as is natural, I have been used to a certain setup and it works for me pretty well. I just wanted to share that here, should that be helpful for someone else as well.

Startup applications -

There is a set of startup applications that are like part of the OS for me. Let me outline them below.

Caffeine - Caffeine is a simple utility that sits on the tray and prevents your Mac from going to sleep. It is amazingly helpful if you are like me and hate it when the screen locks and you don't want it to. The functionality that it provides might be (probably is) available via a tweak …

Sometimes, when it's raining...

" Sometimes, when it’s raining, I think about you. I think about you all the way over there, with all that ocean and all those years between us. I think about if you’re doing well, what your bedroom looks like, if you enjoy your job. I think about the times when there wasn’t any ocean between us and my time was your time. I think about when I knew the answers about you, because they were my answers as much as they were yours. Sometimes, when it’s raining, I wonder if it’s raining where you are too. Sometimes, when it’s raining, I pretend I’m kissing you. I pretend we’re lying in bed all morning with the grey half light and the patter of rain on the roof and the sloshing sound tires make on the bitumen as they speed by the window outside. I pretend you’re bringing me tea and we’re sitting side by side in bed reading the paper, you telling me the comics and me failing at Sudoku. I pretend we’re playing Quiz Master and we’re winning. Sometimes, when it’s raining, I close my eyes and…

Morning sky

Morning sky, a photo by urmilesh on Flickr. In the middle of summer, well almost middle, we get this wonderful Bangalore sky in Fremont.


grounded., a photo by urmilesh on Flickr. always a good idea to stay grounded :-)

girl on the beach

girl on the beach, a photo by urmilesh on Flickr. sunset time on the Santa Cruz beach.

The Avengers - We have Hulk.

Wanted to do a longer post on this one, but no time. Do watch it, it's a great entertainer.

image source - marvel site

The 30 week project - conclusion

Much against my track record, my own expectations, and to my great surprise - I finished my 30 week project successfully. In my mind the project also involved sharing what books I've read each week, but I just didn't get time to do so because of work. Which is all the same since I am going to make up for it now :-)For now I am just going to list all the books that I read over these past weeks. Later I will give one post each to those books that I want to talk about. So here goes the list. I continued what I'd started with books on Hindi cinema (about Helen and Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron) and spent some time with the following books.

होली है :-)

This is what I'm missing this Holi, but I am planning to make up for it soon :-)

Wish you all a very Happy Holi - होली मुबारक

Week 11 - Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron

My search for academic writings on Hindi films have started to bear some fruit over the recent past. If week 10 was spent with Helen, then weeks 11/12/13 had leading men of different types for company. The first of them were Vinod Chopra and Sudhir Mishra as portrayed by Naseeruddin Shah and Ravi Baswani respectively, in the cult classic Jaane Bhi Do Yaaronreleased in 1983.
A well-researched behind the scenes look is offered by Jai Arjun Singh's book "Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron (जाने भी दो यारों) - seriously funny since 1983", which was my companion for Week 11.
In the author's own words, "It's very difficult to describe this film to someone who hasn't experienced it first hand", so I am just going to assume that you've watched the film. If you haven't then drop everything (yes leave this blog too for the time being) and go watch it, it's that awesome. Once you have watched it and become a fan (yes that's inevitable, at the risk of repeating …

दिए जलते हैं...

One of the least noticed downsides of letting a radio station decide what you hear is that sometimes it comes up with a song which just pulls you in and doesn't let you focus on anything else. Here's one such song that came up for me a short while ago

Kishore Kumar's timeless voice, and some great lyrics about friendship, even if not completely true.

Of Agneepath & Agneepath.

नाम विजय चौहान, विजय - दीनानाथ - चौहान. पूरा नाम. In the original Agneepath (अग्निपथ), released in 1990, these lines served the purpose of establishing the character of Vijay Deenanath Chauhan (VDC) and of reminding the audience of his quest to vanquish those who wronged his father Master Deenanath Chauhan. In Karan Malhotra's adaptation, they are used more as a homage to the original, towards the fag end of the movie, which is a very wise move indeed since it would have been a near impossible task for Hrithik Roshan to match what Amitabh had delivered all those years ago. Just take a look at adult VDC's opening scene from the original And if playing the role similar to the way Amitabh played it is near impossible, portraying Krishnan Iyer M. A. (pronounced Yum Yay) is well beyond impossible for any other actor. And since Mithunda is on the other side of 60 now, director Karan Malhotra did the next best thing that he could do - rewrite the story to not have a second lead and a…

ये मेरा दीवानापन है...

"ऐसे वीराने में एक दिन  घुट के मर जायेंगे हम जितना जी चाहे पुकारो फिर नहीं आयेंगे हम."
Such strong lyrics, you would want to be heartbroken to be able to sing this. I leave you with three versions of this awesome awesome song, do listen.
First one is the original, from the 1958 movie यहूदी (Yahudi), in the ever melancholy voice of Mukesh, fittingly filmed on the tragedy king Dilip Kumar.

The next one is from the soundtrack of the movie 'The Namesake', sung by Susheela Raman. I am pretty sure this version does not have an official music video, I am posting the top result from YouTube here.

And this last one is the MTV Unplugged version of the above song by Susheela Raman, which is pretty pretty good.


Week 10 and Helen

"मैं सारे ज़माने के ग़म की दवा हूँ "
(I am the cure of all the sorrows in the world) - Lyrics from Helen's song in the film अधिकार (Adhikaar).

In the book Helen - The life and times of an H-Bomb, author Jerry Pinto tells us just how close Helen came to personify these (and many other similar) words in her screen persona that extended across multiple movies spread over almost three decades. In doing so he doesn't just take us through the phenomenon that was Helen, he also takes this opportunity to take us through the myriad ways of Indian, mostly Hindi, cinema. This is as much a commentary on the phases of Indian cinema as it is on the way Helen, through the characters played by her, acted as a bridge between these. As someone who grew up on all sorts of Hindi movies, I can identify with the author's apparent unwillingness to openly criticize the movies that he discusses throughout the book, however kitschy or corny they might sound. The movie-buff inside the author,…

Happy New Year

across the road, a photo by urmilesh on Flickr. Whether you're a regular here, or just a stumbler, I wish you a very Happy New Year. May you be able to hold on to your resolutions for the entire month of January.

Be good.