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Stand up for...your work!

I was for long among those who saw standing up while working (on a desk) as a fad that people pursue more for indulgence than anything else. My experiences of working while standing up, over the past couple of years, have changed my mind. I have been a wanderer (job to business school to internship to business school) and so haven't thought it worthwhile to invest in a home-office with a standing desk - but the kitchen counter tops in my apartments have done the job pretty well for me. 
My next office will definitely see a request for a standing desk from me on day one, and my eventual den will have one too. The August 10 issue of the Economist tells me that I am in good company.
The perils of sitting down: Standing orders | The Economist: "WINSTON CHURCHILL knew it. Ernest Hemingway knew it. Leonardo da Vinci knew it. Every trendy office from Silicon Valley to Scandinavia now knows it too: there is virtue in working standing up. And not merely standing. The trendiest offices o…

The return of horror

I haven't had a chance to watch any good horror movies in theatres over the past few years, and the ones I've watched haven't been that appealing. So it was a pleasant surprise to get two great releases almost back to back (and have the time to watch them both in a nice theatre).

This is not a review, just an endorsement of the nice times that will be had when you go and watch "The Conjuring" and "You're Next", in that order. If you have time for only one then make it "The Conjuring", you won't be disappointed.