Stand up for...your work!

I was for long among those who saw standing up while working (on a desk) as a fad that people pursue more for indulgence than anything else. My experiences of working while standing up, over the past couple of years, have changed my mind. I have been a wanderer (job to business school to internship to business school) and so haven't thought it worthwhile to invest in a home-office with a standing desk - but the kitchen counter tops in my apartments have done the job pretty well for me. 
My next office will definitely see a request for a standing desk from me on day one, and my eventual den will have one too. The August 10 issue of the Economist tells me that I am in good company.
The perils of sitting down: Standing orders | The Economist: "WINSTON CHURCHILL knew it. Ernest Hemingway knew it. Leonardo da Vinci knew it. Every trendy office from Silicon Valley to Scandinavia now knows it too: there is virtue in working standing up. And not merely standing. The trendiest offices of all have treadmill desks, which encourage people to walk while working. It sounds like a fad. But it does have a basis in science."