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Some thoughts on PK
Pretty good acting by Amir Khan. There's always a bit of Amir in every role he does, and there's a bit of the Amir from 'Satyamev Jayate' here as well - but overall he has done a great job portraying the always bewildered man-child that PK is supposed to be. Also, was it a hat-tip to Bhuvan from Lagaan when he says "sarat manjoor hai"?
A problem I hadn't seen in a while, first half being great and second half tapering away, resurfaces. The reason I hadn't seen the problem in a while was because most movies had consistently bad first and second halves :) This could have been solved by not falling for the trope of a necessary love story for the female lead (and to some extent the male lead).
I don't think subtlety is something Raj Kumar Hirani (or Vinod Chopra or Amir Khan for that matter) doesn't get, I don't think he was going for subtlety here. Also, he has enough satire here for those of us looking for subtlety.
Raj Kum…

Of diversity, or the lack of it

I recently came across this pic on every one's favourite ranting ground Twitter @ShashiTharoor This pic of our CMs speaks volumes abt India's diversity. This is y we'll remain to be a great nation!
— Chacko Simon (@ChackoSimon) December 7, 2014It was an interesting enough picture, with the idea that a very diverse mix of people make up the group of Chief Ministers in India. I, however, felt that the picture was not diverse enough. The first I saw it was on my phone, and I literally had to squint to find the two women in the picture.It doesn't seem to be a very diverse group in terms of age, except for UP Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav (he makes a strong case against young people in Politics though, and it's an open secret that his 75 year old father rules the state by proxy).It is highly unlikely that any of these people belongs to the LGBT community, openly or not. In fact, each of them is more likely to belong to the group that treats belon…