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Yatrik - mini review

Yatrik: The Traveller by Arnab Ray
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I started on this book during a plane ride, and was somewhat unhappy that the plane was on time - since that meant I had to get away from the book for a while.

You could probably divide the book into three logical parts, and it kept getting better as you moved from one part to the next. Even if you account for the limitation of needing to set up the story, the first part of the book wasn't really as taut as I would have liked. You would need to stick with the book and not give up (which I think most will do given the credentials of Arnab), and you shall be duly rewarded.

Though it's fiction, the book makes you think and reflect at some points (especially towards the end), and you could learn a thing or two about yourself depending on how deeply you end up introspecting. It is difficult to stay spoiler free while trying to explain what the author did well - so I will not try. But this was well worth my time and money.

I wo…

Playing it God's way

Playing It My Way: My Autobiography by Sachin Tendulkar
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well I'm not really equipped to give an unbiased view when it comes to Sachin Tendulkar :-)

That said, the non-cricketing pieces of the book are far more engaging and revealing than the cricketing pieces. This is probably also because Sachin fans would know most of the cricketing stories presented here anyways. If you've grown up watching Sachin, there's no way you should miss this book.

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Waiter, There’s A Question In My Soup!

Ashish Shakya (Facebook, Twitter) has a blog that's been on my reading list for a while. It's generally good stuff, and I quite like this week's piece.
Money quote: Why dont you make fun of That Religion Which You Refuse To Name In This Column?We do, but your bias prevents you from noticing it. But I agree that we tip-toe around it more than we tip-toe around other religions. Because we’re too afraid, too broke to afford bodyguards, and too irrelevant to be granted asylum in countries that do not kill you for having an opinion. But is that what you want to become? If you say you’re better, then prove it by not turning me into sheesh kabab every time I make a joke.