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The 30 Week Project - Week 2

I am assuming you know about the 30 week project that I am on right now. Week 1 was a success and now I am on to week 2. I'd this vague idea that I'll try and mix up the kind of books that I read, to prevent boredom from setting in. And so the book that I have started in week 2 is Lee Goldberg's "Mr Monk is miserable" . Monk is one of my favourite TV characters, and one of quirkiest detectives that you will ever see. His cases are always a mix of good fun (for the viewer) and great detective work. As I have discovered after buying it, this book is not the first but the seventh in the series of Monk mystery books, so I assume they have had some success, thus patting my own back for this impulse buy being a good one. I have seen a lot of characters make their way from books to TV and cinema screen, this is the first time I will be following someone the other way round (full disclosure, I started on Sunday and I am already pretty deep into it). It look

The 30 week project - week 1 conclusion

So week 1 of  The 30 Week Project  was successful, partly because I stuck to public transport, mostly because  the book  that I was reading held my interest. I had no idea who  Rob Lowe  is till I'd seen  Sam Seaborn . Without having seen too much of his work, I can say with certainty that Rob Lowe would be hard pressed to not put Sam's name forward were he asked to present just one of his roles to showcase his work. As I often tend to do when I like something, I read more about The West Wing and that was when I came to know of his unceremonious exit from the show, the controversies surrounding his video-tape, the early fame and the late blossoming as a dependable and sellable TV star. The stuff that I read was interesting enough to get this book on my reading list when it came out, and I am glad that it did. What I like best about the book is that it is in first person throughout. It is not an adult Rob telling you what a 10 year old Rob did, it is the 10 year old Ro

The 30 week project - week 1

Starting today, for the next 30 weeks, I will be trying to finish one book each week. By trying I mean that I will be putting all my non-productive time into reading (mostly commute time), without actually going out of my way to meet this imaginary deadline that I am creating. Why am I doing this? Because I want to. Everything doesn't have to have a rock solid, well thought out reason :-) It's just one of those things I have decided to do on a hunch, and I plan to stick to it. I started today with Rob Lowe's "Stories I Only Tell My Friends" . I don't see too much of a problem in finishing this one on time :-)