The 30 week project - week 2 conclusion

It wasn't too much of a reading week since I finished the book in a couple of days flat. Turns out that was for the best since I haven't had any time to spare from work since then.

As I'd mentioned, I'd taken up Lee Goldberg's "Mr Monk is miserable" last Sunday. It was a fun breezy read and for the most part it kept true to the portrayal that we have seen on TV. It was a good idea on the author's part to stick to Natalie's first person account of the events. She has the best view of Monk and the mystery at hand, and provides the much needed saner voice when Monk is going berserk in his own way.
As is common with Monk, investigating is something that comes as second nature to him and it isn't really the centre-piece of the tale so to say. That honour goes to Monk being Monk  when experiencing Paris, trying to find order in chaos, trying to arrange all human skeletons by type in a Catacomb, trying to single-handedly clean up the streets of Paris, trying to close down restaurants that don't adhere to the Monk code of safety and hygiene (I doubt if there is even one like that in the world), if you've ever seen the series (go see it if you haven't) then you get the picture.

The best parts are those when it's just about Monk and Natalie, and their unique chemistry. It would probably fill up a whole encyclopedia if we were to try and write down Natalie's job description. The first person account helps us understand her predicament better and makes us sympathetic to her, even if we secretly want to her to get on with it and let Monk investigate.

Overall, a good read for Monk fans. 


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