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The 30 week project - conclusion

Much against my track record, my own expectations, and to my great surprise - I finished my 30 week project successfully. In my mind the project also involved sharing what books I've read each week, but I just didn't get time to do so because of work. Which is all the same since I am going to make up for it now :-) For now I am just going to list all the books that I read over these past weeks. Later I hope to give one post each to those books that I want to talk about.   I continued what I'd started with books on Hindi cinema (about Helen and Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron ) and spent some time with the following books. Week 12 " Disco Dancer - A comedy in five parts " by  Anuvab Pal Week 13 " Deewar - The footpath, the city, and the angry young man " by  Vinay Lal Week 14 " Popcorn Essayists - What movies do to writers " by  Jai Arjun Singh Week 15 " The Greatest Show on Earth - Writings on Bollywood " by  Jerry Pinto