The 30 week project - conclusion

Much against my track record, my own expectations, and to my great surprise - I finished my 30 week project successfully. In my mind the project also involved sharing what books I've read each week, but I just didn't get time to do so because of work. Which is all the same since I am going to make up for it now :-)
For now I am just going to list all the books that I read over these past weeks. Later I hope to give one post each to those books that I want to talk about.
I continued what I'd started with books on Hindi cinema (about Helen and Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron) and spent some time with the following books.

Week 12
Disco Dancer - A comedy in five parts"
Anuvab Pal
Week 13
Deewar - The footpath, the city, and the angry young man"
Vinay Lal
Week 14
Popcorn Essayists - What movies do to writers"
Jai Arjun Singh
Week 15
The Greatest Show on Earth - Writings on Bollywood"
Jerry Pinto

 "Mr Monk goes to Hawai"
"Mr Monk and the two assistants"

"Mr Monk in trouble"

"Mr Monk and the blue flu"
"Mr Monk in outer space"
"Mr Monk and the dirty cop"

Somewhere in between I also got a Kindle Fire and read my first book on it, in week 22.It was the book "I have a dream" from Rashmi Bansal, someone whose blog I have been following for a long time now. It was a nice experience to read my first e-book, so there's definitely going to be a post about this book.

At this point I was still more interested in easy yet engaging books on account of being busy at work and I zeroed in on "The witness for the prosecution and other stories" by Agatha Christie and The novella "God's Debris - A thought experiment" by Dilbert creator Scott Adams.

After that I was looking for some easy yet engaging reads, and here the Mr Monk books by Lee Goldberg came to my rescue. They occupied me over weeks 16-21.

While the stories served the intended purpose, the book by Scott Adams was too thought provoking to be an easy read. I am not sure if I would do a post on it, but I would definitely recommend it. It is available for free download (legally) and isn't too long.

The final six weeks have seen some heavy duty reading from me but I don't have too much to show for it. That's because I have been engrossed in Stieg Larsson's "The girl with the dragon tattoo trilogy" on my kindle fire.
So  far I have finished the first two books and I am midway through the third one. They are pretty engaging and very well written. I would recommend the trilogy in a heartbeat without having read the third one.

So this is how my 30 week project went. At the end of it I am happy that I decided to do it :-)


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