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What's running on my Mac.

I have been a full time Mac user at work since 2008. And since my employers haven't been too Orwellian about what I do with the Macbook outside work (besides the obvious no-nos such as porn and torrents), it has pretty much been my personal machine as well. To add to that I have a Windows laptop at home that I use on and off, and a range of phones that I carry (I can't seem to be happy having just one). So, as is natural, I have been used to a certain setup and it works for me pretty well. I just wanted to share that here, should that be helpful for someone else as well. Startup applications - There is a set of startup applications that are like part of the OS for me. Let me outline them below. Caffeine - Caffeine is a simple utility that sits on the tray and prevents your Mac from going to sleep. It is amazingly helpful if you are like me and hate it when the screen locks and you don't want it to. The functionality that it provides might be (probably is) availa