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Family guy gives you hope...

I have pretty much been hooked to Family Guy over the past few weeks (thanks Netflix). The show is a humorous take on things but it is definitely not all about humour. However, because of the way the show is structured, it is very easy for someone to miss those times when they try to be (and most often succeed in being) profound. Here's is one such instance, from the episode New Kidney in Town , Meg's definition of hope . Hope is a what gets out of bed in the morning when it's the day of prom and u haven’t been asked. Hope is what pushed the caterpillar through the Cocoon and what drives the salmon up stream. Your breasts maybe small and your glasses maybe thick but hope doesn’t hold up a mirror. Hope is a horizon we head for leaving nothing behind us but fear. And though we may never reach our goals its hope that is going to save us from who we once were Good stuff.