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What's running on my Mac - redux

About two years ago I'd written about my most commonly used apps on my Mac . That post had come just before a major life event for me as I planned to pursue a two year MBA at Kenan-Flagler business school. Some of my best life experiences have come over the past two years, but we shall talk about that some other time. Right now I just wanted to take a look at how my list of most used Mac apps changed as a student - before I get too lost in work again and things turn over their head once more. One quik point before I move on to my list. I realized that back in 2012 I'd recommended sticking to the Mac App Store when possible - well that's changed. There's a numbers of reasons for that and people more atriculate than me have tried to gauge the reasons. For me, the primary reasons are apps from the store lagging in the update cycle and the store app itself being lethargic and unpleasant to use overall. I've since then moved my apps out of the store as much as p