"Yes Please" - mini review

Yes PleaseYes Please by Amy Poehler
Disclaimers first - big fan of Amy Poehler so bound to be biased in favour of any of her work, have given an extra star here simply because she's the author :)

I've been trying Audible books for a short time now, and this is one of the first books I chose primarily because Amy herself had narrated the Audible version. Having listened to the book now, I feel vindicated. The book is mostly in first person and it really adds a lot to have Amy talk to you about the stories, rather than you reading the book. It helps a great deal in understanding the tone and the message, and keeps you engaged.

To say that Amy's life story is inspiring somehow seem pretentious to me (though her life-stort absolutely is inspiring) given how she talks about here philosophy "Good for you, not for me". This book, though inspiring, is just Amy sharing her story and pontificating on what she thinks worked for her (and sometimes, what did not). It stays far away from being a manual or a self-help book, and I really appreciate that. It has a good mix of professional and personal (I absolutely loved it when she talked about her trouble with apologizing), and there isn't an overdose of either (though I can always take an extra dose of Parks and Recreation). 

This is a book I'd happily recommend, even if you're not familiar with her work. Also, go for the Audiobook if you can manage, will be worth it.
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