The Girl On The Train - mini review

The Girl on the TrainThe Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
Authors write the books, yes. But Audible narrators can add so much value to it (think R C Bray and The Martian), more so when a few of them collaborate. That's what happens here.
The book itself is a nice breezy read/listen, taking you through the minds of three different women, putting them all on a (sort of) collision path. It isn't until the first major disruption that you notice what was different about at least one of the narrations (not spoiling it here though it might be much easier to spot early on when reading the book). It then becomes mostly about who you can trust, and that becomes a difficult question to answer even though you are privy to their innermost thoughts.
What worked for me, besides the story, was the way the author described scenes and settings. It might have something to do with my current fascination with London Tube, and how I could totally picture what was being described. But I think she did a good job setting it all up.
I'd recommend Audible version if you can, it would be fun.

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It's also interesting that there isn't one genuinely good central character in here, everyone is a varying shade of gray. And when has that not been exciting ;-)


  1. Murali5:25 PM

    What is the book about ?

    1. Fiction. 'Who did it?' but told entirely from point of view of 3 protagonists.


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