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Three Men In A Boat and the art of cutaways!

I recently picked up Three Men In A Boat (To Say Nothing Of The Dog)for a
re-reading, as a way to kick-start my 52 weeks project in 2019.
It had been a while since I first read the book, and I had vague memories of
the plot, settings etc. What I did remember pretty vividly were the fits of
laughter I had to endure at different times when reading it for the first
time. So I was more than happy to give it a second go, and I have not been
disappointed at all.
But that’s not why we’re here. The book is well recognized as one of the most
humorous accounts ever written, and I have nothing much to add there besides
my wholehearted agreement and endorsement. I wanted to talk a little bit
about how the author uses cutaways in his narration to great effect. This
isn’t something I remember noticing the first time around, and I was
surprised to realize how much more I enjoyed the book because of this
narrative style.
About the word ‘cutaways’ - I’ve only ever seen it used in context of motion

The 52 Weeks Project

A few years ago I tried this thing where I read a book a week (roughly) for 30 weeks, and then tried to share my thoughts on the book once done.

Trying something similar again this year, only for longer. Starting on January 2 to avoid the curse that dooms all new year resolutions ;-)

To start with, I am re-reading a book that I absolutely loved the first time I read it - Three Men In A Boat by Jerome K Jerome (to say nothing of the dog of course).

Here's hoping I don't laugh too hard in public spaces!